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Why Choose A Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring?

Why Choose A Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring?

Recently tungsten carbide wedding bands have started quite the trend. Even though gold and platinum are popular when it comes to wedding rings, tungsten is one of the main up and coming materials on many markets right now. And for a very good reason. It fits just about any style and now Steven G Designs offer these rings to the public in multiple designs and colors.


One of the main advantages of tungsten wedding bands is that they are very durable. This is a pure metal found in nature. However, it does need to be processed to create rings and wedding bands from it. Jewelers use tungsten carbide in order to make jewelry.  This type of tungsten is the most reliable and durable, and it certainly brings in front some great benefits. The bottom line is that if you want high-quality wedding bands, tungsten carbide is by far one of the best materials out there.

In fact, the combination of tungsten and carbon gives tungsten for jewelry its name – TUNGSTEN CARBIDE. Tungsten carbide is roughly 10 times harder than 18k gold, 5 times harder than tool steel and 4 times harder than titanium. This makes tungsten wedding bands extremely durable for long term wear.

Sophisticated Look

Looks are important when you choose a wedding band. The tungsten carbide wedding rings Steven G Designs offer give an outstanding visual appeal for the following reasons…

Color Choice:

We offer multiple colors for you to choose from. Most people go with the traditional tungsten finish that has a shiny silver sheen. But we offer you tungsten carbide rings with ‘IP’ color plating in various colors, such as, black, gold, rose, blue or a combination of 2 colors. ‘IP’ stands for Ion Plating. This is a relatively new plating process used in jewelry and is up to 5 times more durable than other plating processes. This means that this plating is much more durable and will protect your ring for many years.

Surface Finish:

We also produce our tungsten carbide rings in different finishes. That is, we carry tungsten rings with a high polish surface, matte surface or hammered look.

Ring Shape:

Most of our tungsten rings have the classic surface shapes of domed or flat. Both these shapes give a relaxed feeling between the fingers that make the rings enjoyable to wear. And the inside of almost all our rings are ‘comfort fit’. This means that their inside shape is curved for easy on and off wearability and comfort while being worn.

Leading Designs:

One of the best things about Steven G Designs’ tungsten wedding rings is that the designs are very compelling. They stand out to give a focus on quality and the handcrafted character of each and every ring. We have many traditional tungsten ring design styles, as well as, designs with patterns, grooves, cutouts, inlays and stones. We have a design to suit anyone’s style and needs.

The good thing is that no color, finish, shape or design will compromise the integrity of any of our tungsten rings. In the end, you get to have a tungsten carbide ring with amazing and attractive colors, finishes and designs that you can be proud to wear again and again.

Give these great tungsten carbide wedding rings a try, and you will be quite impressed with the amazing comfort and quality that all our tungsten carbide rings have to offer.

Check out our Steven G Designs website here for the best in Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings and order yours today!

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