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Small Product Photography - Steven G Jewelry

Small Product Photography - Steven G Jewelry

Many people ask us how we create our jewelry photos.
All our photography is done 'in house'. Most of the photos I take are first sent out
to a photo editing company to have the jewellery pieces cut out from the background, remove major blemishes and adjust the color.
When they are returned I further enhance the photos through detailed editing, additional color adjustment and sharpening.
All photo editing is done using Adobe Photoshop CC.


Photo Set Up for Small Jewelry Products

 The Lighting and Camera Set up

The camera is a Canon 60D with a 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens for close-up photography. The 3 strobe lights are 300W each. The white sheets at the top and in the back are 'Super White Savage Paper' specially designed as a background/modifier for use in photography.


925 Sterling Silver Ring with Cubic Zirconia
Before I sent out this photo I removed all color from the silver part of the piece but kept the color in the center stone. Afterwards, the silver color is added back. This lets me get a consistent silver color from one photo to the next.


925 Sterling Silver Ring with Blue Cubic Zirconia
The blue color in the original photo is not too bad. For the final photo I strengthened the blue, whitened the white spots and sharpened the stone facets. The small stones were all replaced. I don't normally do this because it is too time consuming.


925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace with Fresh Water Pearl
Most of the time I do final color adjustments of all colored stones. The photo editing company does not see the actual piece so they rarely get a color correct. I took some yellow and red out of this pearl and whitened it up.


Ceramic Ring with Koa Wood Inlay
The black color in this ceramic ring needs to show. I eliminated the purplish/red/blue hue from it. The wood was sharpened so that the grain in it popped out of the photo.


Tungsten Carbide Ring with Koa Wood Inlay
This tungsten ring's color was far off the actual color. I reduced the red/magenta color in the metal. The wood was sharpened to enhance the look of the grain.


Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet with Leather
This stainless steel bracelet was photographed lying down then flipped upright for the final image. Just like with silver metal, I would take the color out of the steel then add it back.
Thanks for reading this. I hope you liked the information.
If you have any tips for better product photography please let me know.


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