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How To Purchase A Sterling Silver Necklace

How To Purchase A Sterling Silver Necklace

We often wondered why women love to adorn themselves with different necklaces made from a variety of metals, such as, silver, gold, copper and brass. They are even accenting themselves with things they can find in nature, like shell, pearls and gem beads.

But why choose sterling silver? People have decorated themselves with sterling silver throughout history. It is the brightest of all the precious metals and known to be durable and affordable. It is a metal that can be worn with any outfit and with its low price point a person can buy several pieces to keep up with the latest designs. It makes an awesome present for women of all ages.

When it comes to selecting fine adornments for a lady it can be a time-consuming endeavor. On the off chance that you are looking for a sterling silver necklace for an uncommon somebody, you will find that there are a wide range of lengths, designs and shapes of sterling silver necklaces. In other words – a large variety of choices.

In this guide, you will learn how to pick a sterling silver necklace for any woman.

While picking a silver necklace, one of the major things that you should first consider is your budget and what is the range of price that you can afford to spend. The great thing about sterling silver jewelry is that it doesn’t have the high price tag of gold or platinum. You can get greater value for your money with a larger more expensive looking necklace for much less money. There are simple thin necklaces that can cost only a few dollars or there are bulky necklaces that can cost a few hundred dollars. This compares to gold where you would have to spend from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand. But whatever your budget you should keep in mind the receiver’s taste in jewelry and they will surely appreciate the gift.

The next stage to picking a necklace that is made from sterling silver for that unique individual in your life is to consider the length that they might want to wear. The normal length of a necklace is anywhere between a short sixteen inches and a long thirty-six inches. The shorter length is known as a ‘choker’ length, whereas, the longer one is known as an ‘opera’ length. The length you choose can depend on things like the size of the recipient’s neck to the style of the neckline she is wearing. Here is an outline of the various lengths and how they are used.

Choker -16 inches
Chokers lie close to the neck and have a classic look. They are perhaps the most versatile length of all because they can go with all necklines, from a button-down collar to a plunging V-neck, and with all styles, from formal to career to casual.

Princess -18 inches
A Princess length chain usually hangs right below the collarbone. This length is best suited for crew and high necklines but can also be worn with plunging necklines. These are the best length for supporting a pendant or group of charms.

Matinee - 24 inches
A Matinee length chain length is ideal for casual or even business attire and will usually hit right at or below the V in a V-neck. This is also a good length for charms and pendants and is easy to wear over a crew neck.

Opera – 36 inches
The name of this length stems from the 1920s and 1930s, when it was fashionable for women attending the opera to wear long necklaces that fall at or below the bustline. Again, this is a length that must be considered in relation to what the person is wearing, especially if it's a chain with a pendant or charms. This length can fit over their head so can be a good choice if they like to take their jewelry on and off often.

The last variable that must be considered when looking for a sterling silver necklace for a woman is the style that she would like. Perhaps the person would like a thin simple necklace with nothing hanging from it. Or what about a necklace with a pendant already attached to it? There are also wider and bulkier styles to consider. This will be the hardest decision for you to make. There are literally thousands of styles out there. Look at what the receiver of your intended gift is currently wearing. Spend some time learning her tastes in clothes and other fashions. These are the details you will need to know before you go shopping. I’m sure that if you follow these steps the lucky woman receiving the sterling silver necklace will be forever grateful for the thought and effort you put into choosing something especially for her.

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