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Paracord 550 Survival Rope Military Quality 7 Strand 100 Feet (31 Meters) for Outdoor Adventures

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This is the same high quality survival military grade paracord rope that we use to make all paracord equipment - bracelets, kits, keychains & lanyards. We are now offering it to you!

Strength: Can hold 550lbs of load
Length: 100 feet (31 meters)
Specs: Waterproof, mildew resistant
Strands: 7 strand inner core - each have their own 3 strands
Uses: Climbing, camping, hiking, all outdoor activities
Colors: 5 colors to choose from

Note: These paracord ropes ship from our office in Asia. So shipping time will be extended and can take up to 4 weeks to arrive. Please be patient.