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Steven Greenwald
Owner, Designer, Customer Service

Steven keeps up to date with today's jewelry fashion trends. His designs are sold around the world. He strongly believes in customer service and responds directly to most messages. He is not satisfied until the customer is happy with their purchase.




Marco Garci

Marco is our head jeweler. He has been creating jewelry since he was a small boy back home in Spain. We are pleased to have Marco as a member of our team. He is quick to share his knowledge with others and is a mentor to all.




Marla Flores
Office Manager

Marla makes sure our office is well organized and running smoothly. She's also a wiz with Photoshop. She edits our photos and creates our ads. When not working Marla loves to go for long walks with her dog Kelly.



Daisi Scott

Daisi looks after sending out your order to you. She keeps busy choosing the best option to have it arrive safe and fast. Daisi likes to spend her off time entertaining friends and family at her home. She is known for her excellent cooking.