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STEVEN G Men's Survival Gear Adjustable Professional Paracord Fashion Sport Bracelet - Army Green


These bracelets are manufactured by a respected CANADIAN JEWELRY DESIGNER so you know ATTENTION TO DETAIL and QUALITY CONTROL are in these bracelets.
They are all HAND KNOTTED with a KING COBRA WEAVE. This creates a double paracord weave and DOUBLES THE LENGTH OF PARACORD available compared to a normal bracelet.
We consider these bracelets not just bracelets for emergency needs but also WORKS OF ART that you can be proud to wear. They are SLEEK and ELEGANT and make a statement about the ADVENTURER IN YOU.

Our bracelets conform to MILITARY SPECS. The 550lb Paracord in these bracelets are made of STRONG NYLON with a 7-STRAND INNER CORE that each have their own 3 STRANDS.
The bracelets are WATERPROOF, MILDEW RESISTANT and EASILY DISASSEMBLE IN A FEW MINUTES to give you 16 FEET of useable Paracord.

To start a fire simple use the STAINLESS STEEL STRIKER to strike the FERROCERIUM FIRE ROD. This will create a spark that you can easily use to make your fire.
The striker has a SERRATED EDGE so it can also be used as a CUTTER. It can cut through the Paracord and its inner strands thereby giving you MULTIPLE LENGTHS AND THICKNESSES OF ROPE to use when needed.

The bracelet comes in a special CUSTOM GIFT BOX so you can also give it as a gift for someone you care about. You will never know when they might need it in an emergency situation and thank you for it.

All bracelets come with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If for any reason you are not delighted with your bracelet simply return it for a full refund no questions asked.

Click now in the ADD TO CART orange button at the top right of this page and get the BEST PARACORD BRACELET YOU'LL EVER OWN!

Note: The bracelets have a sharp striker/cutter - they should not be used by children.

Note: This item only ships within the United States.

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