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Jewellery Production Methods Part 2

Jewellery Production Methods Part 2

 Innovative techniques to save on costs and create better quality jewelry.

A continuous chain of settings made by machine as seen in our previous blog.


Setting one stone at a time as see in our previous blog.

Brass, alloy or silver continuous settings for silver jewelry
A new way to set many stones all at the same time.

Silver continuous settings for brass jewelry
A stone setting machine set up and ready for production.

Auto setting machine to make earrings pendants etc
With this method we will be able to set stones in a section of 24 chains all at the same time.
These chains are yellow gold plated.

Auto setting machine for strands of jewelry
Another view of the layout of the chains.

Innovative new machine to set stones in jewelry
Looking at the top block that will be lowered onto the chains.

Sorting cubic stone size for setting machine
Sorting stones for proper size. These stones are white Preciosa Crystals from the Czech Republic.

Template for cubics for setting machine
Moving stones onto a specially designed template.

 Template for sorted cubic zirconia for setting machine
The stones are arranged evenly spaced and face up.

Setting up continuous setting machine with cubic zirconia 
The template with stones is pressed against the top block of the machine,
the template is removed and the stones are held in place by air suction.

Feeding stone setting machine for earrings pendants bracelets
Using hydraulics the top block with stones is lowered onto the chains.

Pushing stones into settings for silver jewelry making
The stones are pushed into the settings and the heavy block presses the chain's claws over the stones.

Stones set in strands of chain for silver jewelry making
The stones are set!

Moving chain along for chain making for silver jewelry
Moving the chains along in order to set stones in the next section of chains.

Lowering set chain into containers for jewelry making
Set chain is lowered into containers.

Stone setting machine with rhodium plated chain for silver looking earrings
Another machine setting stones into rhodium plated chain.

Set section of chain for sterling silver looking bracelets
Set section of chain.

Set section of chain for sterling silver look in necklaces
Set continuous chain created by the machine.

Dividing chain into rolls to make earrings bracelets necklaces silver color
The continuous chain is divided into 100 meter rolls.

Continuous chain set with stone for making of earrings pendants bracelets silver looking
Final chain product in my wife's office.
She will use these to create earring, bracelets and necklaces.

Final products made with setting machine - bracelets.
Our Products That Were Produced Using This Method


There is constant innovation in jewelry production in China. This method of setting chain is a little more primitive in style but it gets the job done. We are also looking at a more high-tech method but felt that this machine would be too difficult to maintain at this time.
See the below photos.

Stone setting machine for production of earrings pendants necklaces silver like.

Machinery to set stones for jewelry production - sterling silver earrings pendants bracelets

Developing and working with machines is definitely the way to go and as the years go by there will be more advanced machines doing most of the work that people did in the past.

Thanks for reading!

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