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Why Pay Mall Prices? Shop At Steven G Designs

Why Pay Mall Prices? Shop At Steven G Designs

Here's a true story.

A few years ago, a watch priced at U$193.50 retail was not selling well. The company that produced the watch decided that they must rebrand it. So, they made some improvements in the product quality, enhanced the packaging, and found a new distributor. This included a new logo and wood box with leather detail and silver handle. Then they decided the price needs to increase. To make it seem more exclusive they changed the price to U$19,350.00 and the sales of the watch began to improve.

I have a real problem shopping. I deal with the manufacturing of many different items in Asia so when I go to the mall I always look at the price of an item and think how much it cost to make. I try to work out how the store decided on the sale price. There’s the transportation cost, duties and taxes, rent, employees, profit, etc. and all of this is built into the final price. If I really need the item I will buy it, otherwise it’s hard for me to part with my money.

This is especially true when the company uses a ‘brand ambassador’. When a Hollywood movie star or famous athlete endorses a brand, I see this a red flag. I don’t even have to see the price of the item to know the seller will be overcharging for it. I ask myself what the company must be paying that famous person for the photo of him or her beside the product and how much that must add to the price of the item.

I don’t need to use a product because some celebrity also uses it. I don’t need to create the illusion that I have some connection with that person just because we wear the same watch, carry the same bag or write with the same pen.

Here at Steven G Designs we give you value for your money. We design and manufacture our own products, whether it is sterling silver earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, ceramic rings, tungsten rings, paracord bracelets, kits and keychains or whatever else we sell. In other words, you are purchasing directly from the factory without adding in the additional expenses of being in a retail location, like a mall. Also, we don’t need a famous person to be the ‘face’ of our company. Our quality and prices speak for themselves. You can always be assured that any purchase you make with us will be well worth it. We back up all our products with a full 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with what you have received, we will accept it back with no questions asked. If you are reading this then we thank you for having an interest in our company and hope you will become a long-time customer with us if you are not already.

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