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Bang The Drum Louder

Bang The Drum Louder

You see a lot in the media about the air pollution in China. Newspaper, magazines, etc. show you photos of a gray Beijing sky, people walking the streets while wearing white masks and give the latest pollution index reading. But what they don’t show you and you can’t see is the amount of sound pollution here.

Most people in other parts of the world are familiar with going to eat in a Chinese restaurant filled with Chinese people and coming out with their ears still drumming away from the echoing noise inside. Well that is something similar to what goes on here very often.

I don’t know why a business here will think that if they are the loudest on the block that they will get more people visiting their shop.

Bang the drum, pump up the music, blast the megaphone, clap the hands – all these are methods used by local shops to get a customer's attention. Yes, it gets my attention but not for the reason they want. I just think what an annoying thing they are doing and try to get out of the sound’s way as fast as possible.

For the local Chinese these attention grabbing methods don’t seem to bother them at all. The sounds actually peak their interest or they just continue walking normally past these sounds and accept them as a normal part of living life here.

Whenever I go back to Canada I value not only the clean air but the sound of silence. It is so refreshing and peaceful. These are things that if you do have then you should appreciate them and not take them for granted.

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