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Behind The Scenes At Making Money In China

Behind The Scenes At Making Money In China

Did you ever wonder how so many Chinese citizens became so rich so fast? Well, this is one of those ways...

It’s a simple item – a mobile phone cover. But it’s something that many people like to buy and when your market is almost 1.4 billion people in size you can sell a lot of covers.

A while back my wife, daughter and I went to visit my wife’s former employee. He has a small office in the wholesale electronics area of Shenzhen, China. Early last year he started selling mobile phone covers on the website called Taobao. Taobao is a shopping website similar to eBay or Amazon but just selling products in China.

The day we went to visit him he sold just over 300 phone covers. It was a slow day for him. He usually sells up to 1,000 covers on an average day. On Singles Day (a website shopping day in China) last November he sold almost 3,000 covers.

He makes a little on each case but with the volume he does he makes good money. He just bought himself a luxury car and is now looking to buy an apartment.

In a few more years and with a growing business this young man should be a very wealthy.

Packing cell phone case for shipping

Packing orders from a small office.

Getting goods ready for shipping
No, it's not child labour. That's my daughter helping.

Phone cases ready for shipping
Orders ready to ship out.

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